About us

Our Company

Our main goal is to provide quality health/dental care, providing patients with clinical exams, diagnostic testing, and laboratory testing. All of these examinations are necessary for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We strive for our patients to obtain knowledge on their condition and treatment plan so that they can be optimally compliant and get better sooner. We are HIPPA compliant, as we do not share any of our patient’s information with third parties. We are also OSHA compliant making our work environment safe for our employees. We use an online Electronically Health Records System called MedIOS Secure Health Platform to safely store all of our patient's information and access their chart information from anywhere in the world. 

Our Mission 

We have a mission as a medical & dental provider company to accurately serve our community, providing you with the best treatment possible. We will do this by accurately diagnosing our patients, giving them the goldstandard latest treatment plan available, and following up with our patient prognosis. Dr. DeLaCalle and staff are dedicated to providing all patients with a pleasant visit and outstanding results. Our administrative staff is ready to help you with questions about procedures, insurances, results to make that part of the process as simple as possible. 

Who do we serve?

We serve all patients in need, including those who don’t have insurance. We accept many types of insurances (medicaldental) as well. If you have any questions regarding insurances, please do not hesitate to contact us. Ask about our medical plan (goldmed), which is available for all patients that do not have insurance. Patients that will be visiting our clinic for the first time should take an Identification Card, and have their insurance information available.

Our Story

Our company was founded on 2003, since then it has grown, surpassed major milestones, and achieved many goals. Thanks to the combined experience of our staff, and Dr. Gilda de la Calle, we have managed to serve many patients over a period of ten years. In 2015 we added a dental practice with Dr. Karina Lobaina as our general dental practicioner. Find out more about our past and how we started HERE.

Our Practice 

Our practice mainly focuses on doing Family Practice (General Medicine), including some Gynecological procedures, as well as some Dermatological procedure. We treat patients from 5 years old - adults, and doing many different types of studies. We also focus on dental care (Doctor of Dental Surgery) (DDS).


To date we use a first come first serve system for our patient visits. The patient does not need to make any appointments prior to obtaining consultation. Those patients that are having procedures done are also under a first come first serve system. Note, phone calls will get transferred to the location that is opened when the call is made.


We take pride in being able to help various organizations by making donations &/or sponsoring them. We support St. Judes Children Research Hospital as we find it very important that the continued research in oncology and cancer  is taken to the next level. We also support Conquerors baseball team in tamiami, in support of helping kids stay off the streets.
Dr. Gilda de la Calle

Gilda DeLaCalle MD

Meet  the Doctor

Studied medicine in Cuba, graduated from Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas de Santiago de Cuba in 1987. Graduated with a Medical Degree in Family Practice in 1992. Re-validated her degree in the US as a General Practitioner in June 2004. She is one of South Florida's leading General Medicine medical providers. Since 2004, Dr. de la Calle has been serving patients from the Miami Dade Community. As a Medical Provider, Dr. Gilda de la Calle has gained vast experience in the medical field for a period of 25 years, making her very knowledgeable and giving her the skills required to treat most types of diseases. 

Karina Lobaina DDS

Karina Lobaina DDS

Meet the Dentist

Studied Dentistry in Washington DC, and graduated from Howard University in December, 2014. She has been practicing dentistry since then and is a very important member of DeLaCalle Medical Center. As a dental practicioner, Dr. Lobaina has a deep passion for her profession and makes sure that all of her patients have good dental hygiene, oral health, comfort and satisfaction. She believes in taking care of her patients in the most compassionate & comprehensive manner. She is a member of the American Dental Association.

delacalle staff

Medical Staff

Our Staff 

We have highly qualified staff including four Phlebotomists, three Medical assistants, one X-Ray Technician, one Ultrasound Technician, and one NCV Technician. In total we have ten employees who are willing to do everything they can to assist our patients with upmost care. Our staff is dedicated, experienced, and informative, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.