Cavity Detection

For cavity detection we utilize two different technologies. During the oral examination our dentists use a high resolution intraoral camera that is able to show the patient a full realtime view of their mouth mucosa, gingiva, and individual teeth. This camera also has an inovative techology  that our dentists can use to detect dental cavities. However, the gold standard of cavity detection is still intraoral xray technology, in which our dentists utilize a digital image sensor to view in detail and see cavities that may be deep within the tooth.

intraoral camera
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After your initial oral examination, following the intraoral diagnostic xrays evaluation &  the removal of a cavities or plaques our dentist is ready to apply dental filling made up of resin.  The resin based (with a slightly higher cost, but will match the color of your teeth), can last up to 5 years. Ceramic (or porcelain based) fillings can last on average up to 7 years, and match your teeth color as well, with a bit more resistance to abrasion and staining but more brittle to resin. Glass ionomer filligns (composed of acrylic & fluoroalluminosilicate) can last up to 5 years, can also match the tooth color, specialy if mixed with resin. The traditional amalgam (which is now used less, due to the possible risk of mercury poisoning), will not match the color of your teeth, but can last for up to 10 years & is the least expenisve. 

dental fillings