Duraflex Dentures
Duraflex Dentures

These dentures are the preferred brand of choice used by our dentists in order to achieve an easily adjustable comforting fit for our patients. Made with a thermoplastic material, duraflex is easier to polish & has better color stability than other dentures. 

DuraFlex also offers fantastic esthetics with veined acrylic in two shades. The material is translucent allowing the natural coloring of the tissue to show through the material causing DuraFlex to virtually disappear in the mouth. DuraFlex is more dense than conventional acrylic dentures for a slick finish that, unlike nylon based materials, won’t discolor, and is highly resistant to stains and odors.


It’s Easy: Simple to adjust and polish.
It’s Esthetic: Lifelike pink shades with veined acrylic details.
It’s Comfortable: Thin, lightweight, and flexible for easy insertion.
It’s Strong: Clinically unbreakable and more durable than acrylic.
It’s Hygienic: More resistant to stains or odors.


• Flexible and easier to insert
• Design Versatility
• Acrylic Allergies
• History of partial frame breakage
• Alternative to implants or fixed products
• Presence of tori

Partial Denture
Duraflex Partial Denture