Don't have medical insurance?

For only a monthly fee of $25, you can get medical coverage and enjoy many of the great services we offer. You can also have your family covered for just $40/month (2-4 members). With this plan you and your family can pay Medicaid Rates for diagnostic procedures and laboratory studies, as well as only pay $25 per consultation. We also work with discount pharmacies, and doctors specialized in different areas of the medical field.

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There is no greater feeling than knowing that your family's health is covered.

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Goldmed membership plan contract is for 1 year. Prices for the following procedures will not change during the period of your contract. If you would like to renew your contract, you can do so keeping the same price values after your contract expiration. Non-basic prices are listed underlined, these procedures generally include more than one body part, organ, or additional images/views. If you are interested in joining this plan, email us here or contact us or call us. You can also fill out the patient information document (new patients only) & the goldmed application here and send it to our email. Initial consultation for new pt. is $50.00, followup consultations are $25.00.
  • Xrays ($25.00/ basic) 
Chest AP & LAT
Ribs Unilateral R/L
Cervical Spine AP LAT
Thoracic Spine AP & LAT
Lumbar Spine
Pelvis AP Only
Sacrum & Coccyx
Scapula complete
Soulder 2 Views R/L/BIL
Humerus 2 Views R/L/BIL
Elbows 3 Views R/L/BIL
Forearm AP & LAT R/L/BIL
Hip Unilateral R/L
Ankle Complete R/L/BILL
Foot Complete R/L/BIL
Heel 2 Views R/L/BIL
Abdominal XRAY Single View
Lumbrosacral AP & LAT ($35.00)
Nasal Bones Complete ($35.00)
Sinuses Complete ($35.00)
Skull Complete 4 Views ($35.00)

Ultrasounds ($50.00/ basic)
Thyroid Ultrasound
Chest Ultrasound (Includes Mediastinum)
​Breast Ultrasound
Renal Ultrasound
Retroperiteneum ltd Renal or aorta
Kidney Ultrasound
Pelvic Ultrasound
Urinary Tract Ultrasound
Scrotum Ultrasound
Prostate Ultrasound
Echography, Transrectal, Prostate 
Abdominal Ultrasound ($80.00)
Liver, Gallbladder Ultrasound ($60.00)
Low Arterial Doppler Unilateral ($100.00)
Low Arterial Doppler Bilateral ($130.00)
Low Art Dupplex-Unilateral ($110.00)
Low Art Dupplex-Bilateral ($172.00)
Low Veins Doppler ($75.00)
Low Veins Dupplex ($150.00)
Echo ($100.00)
Carotid Doppler ($60.00)
Carotid Dupplex ($125.00)

Other Exams
EKG ($10.00)
Holter Monitor 24 hrs ($58.00)
Cardiovascular Stress Test-Plain ($54.00)
Debridement: skin, subcutaneous tissue ($50.00) 
Debridement: skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle ($100)
Debridement: skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and bone ($150.00)
Removal of Skin tags up to 10 lesions ($25.00), (5 Additional tags $10.00)
Venipuncture ($5.00)
Cerumen Removal/ Ear wash ($20.00)
NCV Motor, with F-Wave ($100.00 upper), (120.00 lower)
IUD Removal ($50.00)
IUD insertion ($300.00)
Physical Therapy (80.00/four 15 min sessions) ($80.00)
Weight loss program 6 Weeks (includes pills/injection) ($30.00/week)
Pap Smear ($30.00)
Pap Smear Culture ($15.00)
Spirometry ($25.00)
Oxymetry ($5.00)
Immunization administration ($10.00)
Complete Laboratory Workup (Female: $120, Male: $140)