Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips

Exercise Daily: Lift weights without heavy exertion, repetition is preferable, perform cardio promoting exercises such as (Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Walking, Running). Remember that exercise plays a key role in angiogenesis and thus promotes better circulation. With an improved circulation, all cells, specially the peripheral cells and tissues can obtain more blood and nutrients and thus heal faster and remain healthy.

Drink Lots of Water To Stay Hydrated: Adults should drink 8 glasses of water/daily. Remember that the body is composed of 75% water, and that water will be secreted through sweat during exercise and sun exposure and should be replenished with preferably highly mineralized water.

Maintain Healthy Weight (BMI <25): Cut down on portion size, do not skip meals, try sharing plates with your partner at restaurants, avoid high fat supplements. Remember that a high BMI is linked to diseases such as diabetes, and heart problems.

Do not intake Foods Containing High Fat content:Reduce your Daily intake of  Fats to 25% fats, and Saturated fats to 7%. Remember that saturated/trans fats are linked to high levels of cholesterol and thus can cause risks for heart problems. One should limit cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg/daily.

Reduce Sodium and Sugar Content: Too much sodium in your diet can induce high blood pressure, remember that some foods can be salt cured and thus already carry high levels of salt. Also try to avoid soaked and charbroiled foods which can contain nitrates that are bad for your health (carcinogenic). Reduce daily sugar intake, as too much intake can increase risk of developing diabetes.

Top 5 Healthy Red Foods: Berries, Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Pomegranates, Beets.‚Äč

Read Packaged Labels: Reading package labels is very important when it comes to determining the healthiest foods to eat, their nutritional values, and their unhealthy additives.

Decrease alcohol intake: Limit the consumption of alcohol to a minimum. Remember that heavy drinking can damage our liver, and our ability to think and perform a task.

Smoking: Smoking can cause loads of problems in the human body, from cancers (lung, bladder, & more) to decreased lung function, even atherosclerosis/arteriosclerosis & cardiovascular problems. If you can avoid smoking, you can live a longer healthy life.

Sleep: The human body requires at least 8 hours of rest in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Sleep can promote a healthy brain, restore cellular injury, as well as promote faster muscle recovery. Enough sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle and good mental status for learning. Sleep deprivation is correlated to weight gain and lack of energy.