Doctor Consultation
Consultations are extremely important in order to maintain ones health. For the young, it is important to maintain vaccines updated for infectious disease prevention. For the seniors, it is essential to perform the annual wellness exam, as well as the necessary scheduled screening tests depending on the patients genetics &/or family history.  We strive to always use preventive medicine in order to avoid future complicatoins or sequelae. Any patient can come & see any of our providers for medical care under any chief complaint. Our physicians will treat all patients with professionalism & respect. Our providers will also make sure that the patient goes home with the best treatment option, and will guarantee that they receive the required amount of refills for an optimal quick recovery. Self pay initial office visits are $80.00, followup visits are $40.00 then after.


Most medical services require initial or followup medical consultation by a medical provider. Refills can be made between a period of 3 months, after the patient will need to followup with the doctor. Orders will be given the same day the patient goes for consultation. Referrals as well as Prior authorizations may take a few days in order for the insurance to approve the request. A medical release can be requested from our primary care to another primary care or vise versa, sometimes these requests may take a few days due to the differences in office hours or high volume of documentation. If you will be missing your job or school due to an illness or consultation please let us know so that we can provide you with an excuse letter signed by the medical provider.